Outbound Tours

Outbound Tour Packages – by BIG Adventures 

Outbound tour simply means doing/promoting/selling a tour which is done overseas, not locally. Example: A travel agency in Nepal (BIG Adventures for instance) sells destinations like the USA, Canada, Europe, Schengen Zones, Asian Countries and much more countries other than Nepal itself. The process is simply referred to as Outbound Tours - all these are considered outbound in the tourism lingo. Travelling is one of the best ways to explore the world – before traveling one is speechless and after traveling one becomes a storyteller! 

An Outbound Tour refers to a package/itinerary designed by a Tour Company/Travel Agency which has its expertise in selling trips normally for locals to the International Destinations like for instance a Nepalese Travel Company (BIG Adventures at this specific instance) selling trips to Europe, the USA/Canada, Europe, Schengen Zones, Asian Countries - Sri Lanka and Africa for Nepalese Nationals. Whereas an Inbound Tour refers to a package/itinerary designed by a Tour Company/Travel Agency which has its expertise in selling or promoting their own country (Nepal) to the International Clients/Business Associates; such as a Nepali Company selling trips in Nepal mainly for other markets like Europe, US/Canada, UK, Australia/NZ etc. 

The outbound tour is normally carried out for different purposes – from traveling in a group to visiting relatives or friends to checking health etc. Over the years BIG Adventures has built the strongest bonds with a network of reputed agents across the globe which are founded on the complete understanding of mutual benefits, requirements, longevity and trust. We handle everything from booking the hotels to organizing the great trips to offering the all kinds of transport services in addition to offering our prompt responses in the case of emergencies. Our Outbound Tours simply includes -  


  • Safari (Desert, Wildlife) 

  • Exotics Holidays 

  • European Tours 

  • USA/Canada Tours 

  • Asian Delight Tours 

  • Summer Holiday Packages 

  • Honeymoon Destinations 

  • Family and Friend Trips 

  • Business Trips 

  • Corporative Incentive Packages 


BIG Adventures is Nepal’s one of the best Out-Bound as well as In-Bound Travel/Tourism Agencies which guarantees the best services in its offerings. Please remember us for all kinds of Out-Bound/In-Bound Holiday Trips/Packages. We will not let you down! You can also reach to us via our Official Facebook Pages/Messenger: https://www.facebook.com/bigadventures.np/