Explorez le Canada

Planning a trip to Canada and figuring out an itinerary may seem monumental due to the size and geographical layout of the country. Bordered by three oceans, the Canadian motto "from sea to sea to sea" becomes more relevant when you start planning a cross country tour.

Most travelers with limited time, who are looking to plan an 8- or 10-day Canada itinerary, tend to focus on one area of the country. This is a good idea, unless you incorporate some long-distance internal flights. Canada stretches more than 5,500 kilometers from east to west, and much of the remote north is all but inaccessible.

The best option, unless you have plenty of time, is to focus your itinerary on Western, Central, or Eastern Canada. Western Canada is home to some of the country's most spectacular scenery, with mountains, glaciers, alpine lakes, and Pacific coastline. Central Canada is most well-known for its vibrant cities, including TorontoMontreal, and Ottawa, but also consists of prairies and the lakes and forests of the Canadian Shield. Atlantic Canada, which includes the Maritime Provinces and Newfoundland and Labrador, is known for endless shorelines, quaint coastal villages, and friendly cities with a small-town atmosphere.